Body: Star Wars Imperial officer.
Head: Destro

I made this to be the enemy of my Captain (Captain America that was stripped of his title and uniform). The main body was the easy part. The hard part of this custom was re-sculpting the head. I also added his cigarette with dust of death. It was a safety pin stuck through the hand, I cut off the extra, and painted it.

From the Star Spangled site:
The Red Skull was born Johann Schmidt in a southern German village, the son of an illiterate, drunken peasant named Hermann, and his long-suffering wife Martha. Martha died in childbirth, and Hermann tried to drown the newborn Johann, blaming him for the death of his mother, and committed suicide the next morning. The infant was rescued by a local doctor, who delivered the infant to an orphanage.

Johann ran away at age seven, and grew up in and out of prison for petty crimes ranging from vagrancy to theft, constantly beaten and victimized by other thugs. His smoldering anger was given an outlet when he first encountered Hitler; Johann was working as a bell-boy in a hotel in which Hitler was staying. Hitler was in the middle of berating his general staff, and boasted that he could make "this bell-boy" into a more effective Nazi.

Johann was given military training, and made into the perfect S.S. soldier. Upon his presentation to Hitler, however, Hitler grew enraged, screaming that "anyone can make a soldier!". Hitler took Johann in hand for personal training as a special operative, giving him his name and a Red Skull mask.

During the war the Red Skull undertook many different special operations for Hitler, slowly gaining more power within the Third Reich until even Hitler was terrified of his own creation; the Captain America identity was originally created to act as a counter to his successes.

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