Head: Viper v12
Torso & Legs: Croc Master v2
Arms: Sgt. Airborne
Waist: Snake Eyes v22 (man, how many of this guy can they make!?)
Cloak: Snow Wolf
Mac-10 & Leash: Mutt v1 (They must get their gear from the same place)
Assorted Pouches & Canteens: BBI
Dog pack & Harness, Rope, Thigh packs, Uniform scrap in dog's mouth & Wrist knife: BBI WWII Paratroopers

I have been trying to put together a dog handler for my W.A.S.P. (S.W.A.T.) team for a while with no luck, until... iwbeta showed me that you can do something cool with a Swamp Rat. Thanks man!

W.A.S.P. is Cobra S.W.A.T.

Rabid Vipers are few and far between. They are brought up from the Wasp Vipers squads after certain traits are identified, usually a high degree of independence and intelligence.
A Rabid Viper is not your typical Cobra solder. They are very loving, nurturing and kind. Only with their dogs however. This instills a high degree of loyalty in the dogs. If you shoot at a Rabid Viper, you had better be upwind! His dog will bring back your trigger finger if you aren't!

The dogs are from one breed; The Cobra Wolf. The program has been breeding several different breeds of dogs for specific traits for many generations. The program is a closely guarded secret, but breeds thought to be in this line include, German Shepards, Rottweilers and of course Grey Wolves. When the pups of a litter turn 8 weeks old a Rabid Viper is given the pick of the litter and from that point on, is never out of sight of his dog.

The verbal training of a dog is done in a language other than English. The language is chosen at random when the dog is born and the Rabid Vipers spend 4 weeks learning that language. All this is done so that no one can give counter-commands to his dog. The dog obeys only its master! Rabid Vipers spend the other 4 weeks in an accelerated veterinary program geared for K-9's.

Only that Rabid Viper gives food as well, if you try and distract his dog with a Milkbone, the dog won't even look twice at it. The dog carries all of its own gear, including food & water on a special rig. It has a quick release that either the Rabid Viper or the dog can detach the packs. This allows the dog to chase its prey!

W.A.S.P. dogs are cross-trained in about everything a dog can be trained for including: urban and rural search and rescue, tracking, explosive detection and of course the old fashion guard and attack roles.

"Kibble is my ammo!"---Rabid Viper motto

"Don't laugh because you see a Rabid Viper pull a dog cookie out of a holster. His dog gets that treat when it brings back your windpipe!"---Mutt

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