Body: Microman Material force
Head/chest/ sheathes: custom
Boots: Han Solo

A practicing occultist long before WW2, the young Kroenen studied the black arts with modern wizards Crowley and Gurdjieff. He specialized in the "left handed" path of Torture and pain. With his taste for perversion, it was easy to devote his life to Nazism; particularly in it's most arcane and superstitious form. In the end, after the failure of the Reich, he chooses to give up his own soul, and accept the Inferno as his master.

Neither death, nor flesh, can contain his evil. His body rots, as corrupted as his soul, but Kroenen cannot be stopped. It is said the sand from the ancient banks of the river Nile runs through his frozen veins, while an "anti life" mask pumps the sulfurous air of Hell into his Decayed lungs. Kroenen wields his knives in a form of martial art taught only to denizens of the Inferno.

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