Whole figure: Undertow v1
Dragonov Sniper Rifle: Marauder, Inc.
M-4 rifle, HK-MP5, Scuba gear, rifle sling, radio, holster & assorted pouches: BBI

Deadeye is a product of the UTD/BUD's program as well as a poster boy for the program. He is all about getting the job done right...the first time. He is a fanatic about making sure his gear; his weapon and his team are good to go. Nothing makes him mad like a sloppy job. He has been overheard telling new recruits "Do it right or go home."

He came to the attention of the GI Joe team after his SEAL team was pinned down under heavy fire on a mission. He was able to get clear, find high ground and eliminate the enemy force to save his team. Though the Joes have several snipers, none match his fierceness and tenacity, making him second to none!

"If I know where you are...you are mine!"---Deadeye

"He is a mean dog. I am just glad we are holding his leash and not Cobra"---Duke

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