Head: Black Out modified
Torso, waist and legs: Black Out
Arms: Barrel Roll

I started with the head because it had the right goofy look to it, just like the original figure, but I didn't intend this figure as essentially a Black Out repaint. I knew Barrel Roll's arms were going to be used because of the sleeves, but I wasn't sure about the rest. I figured Black Out's torso worked because the head fits in it nicely, and the chest harness could essentially replace the padding of the original figure. After that I just figured why not use the rest of Black Out.

After I assembled the figure I was blown away by how cool it looked, but I was torn as to whether I should give him the v1 color scheme, which is the way I see the character, or should paint him in more realistic colors. I know the figure would have looked tremendous in camo, but would people have known it was Sneak Peek without being told?

That made my decision. what I am surprised at is how the figure really looks nothing like Black Out anymore, with just a change of color and a new sculpted hair style, and still looks great (IMO) despite the silly colors. It captures the v1 figure without being identical, which is what I was aiming for.

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