Head: Chap Mei Knights
Torso: ST Zartan
Arms: ST Dart
Waist: BTR Barrel Roll
Legs: ST Firefly

Mask: Unmasked Storm Shadow
Upper Vestment: Xyber 9 Ikira
Lower Vestment: VvV Storm Shadow

Weapons: Ninja Showdown Set

After making a Sub Zero & finding that I kinda liked the way it turned out, it occurred to me that I should also make a Scorpion figure, so that Sub Zero had someone around who really wanted to kill him; I was confident that some good fight scenes would soon follow.

I was the Street Fighter II kind of arcade geek much more than the Mortal Kombat sort. As such, the only other character I see myself making from this particular video game would probably be Raiden, who was the only other character besides the original two ninja that I was ever any good at.

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