Head: Sgt. Bazooka modified
Arms: BTR Duke/Duke
Rest: Sgt. Bazooka

Being an ex-sailor, making the Navy Joes has always been a priority of mine. What can I say, the Navy holds a pretty fond place in my heart, and it was the greatest 4 year vacation I'll ever take. Sgt. Bazooka was the perfect base for the figure, and I used the BTR Duke upper arms and t-crotch Duke lower arms because they are big and bulky and accentuate the strength of the character who I see as this solid, tough as nails sailor.

Nothing says tough sailor like bulging forearms, other than a can of spinach to go with it. I attempted to paint Navy across the chest but my paint strokes simply were too messy and the figure looks better without it, rather than having it scribbled on it for continuities sake. I was really surprised how well the beard made the face look completely different.

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