Whole figure: DTC Range Viper
Tac Vest: Crosshair
Shovel and bag: BBI WWII Paratrooper
M-16/M-203, shotgun, canteen and various pouches: BBI

Bushmaster is the squad leader of the newly formed Range Viper Immortals. Like their Crimson Guard counterparts, the Range Viper Immortals are picked from the most loyal and dedicated of the original Range Viper team.

Cobra Command still likes the fact that these troops are cheap to maintain, however they spared no experience at training and equipping them. Each Immortal has been trained to fight, live and survive in just about every hostile environment on the planet including Jungle, Desert, Artic, Mountain and Urban. They are issued high tech M.A.R.S. manufactured body armor that not only stops bullets, but also reduces the wear's heat signature and keeps him warm or cool and dry as needed. They are issued standard military weapons that use common ammunition so procurement is easy.

Along with ammo raids, they are trained to infiltrate and destroy equipment like tents, cookware, water filtration and vehicles. Anything to make it harder to survive in a combat zone

"I do not like the start-up cost, but it pays off in the body count!"---Cobra Commander

"Watch out! If the elements don't get you, I will!"---Bushmaster

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