Head: Blowtorch 02 (modified)
Arms: Destro 03
Chest: Grunt 03 (modified)
Waist: Grunt 03
Thighs: Dart 03 (modified)
Feet: Destro 03
Pistol: Snow Wolf 05
Machine Gun: Lowlight 91 (modified)
Duffle Bag: Agent Faces 03
Knife: Dart 03

I created this custom for Crosshair after he posted a question on what parts to use for a new sculpt Chuckles. After seeing what his thoughts were I went to work.

We decided to use the look of Chuckles hair as he appeared in the Frontline series. I ditched the Hawaiian shirt for a dark colored sweater. I was originally going to give him navy pants, but after choosing the Dart thighs I decided to keep the original olive pants.

I felt the accessories were a big part of this custom. I decided to make the sub-machine gun collapsible so that it would fit in the duffle bag (had to mod the bag a bit). Also, I dremeled out the torso to give him a removable pistol.

I'm really happy with the end results and now I kind of envy Crosshairs for buying this from me.

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