Body: BAT v3
The rest: Any and all junk I could find!

The BeerBat is a creation from the Cobra Redneck team of Bubba Joe and the Beer Viper. While scavenging for parts in the Cobra junkyard the two came upon a BAT that had been severally damaged in combat. With Bubba's mechanical skills and Beer's knowledge of refrigeration techniques they created the ultimate in portable beer dispensing home entertainment. The two are constantly upgrading the BeerBat. With a flat plasma TV stolen from Destro's quarters and satellite codes traded for beer with Tele-Vipers they are able to watch the latest NASCAR races in hi-def. The memory remaining has been converted into a Tivo-like system to record races while the two are too drunk to enjoy them.
BeerBat also serves as a constant source of amusement for the pair. What remains of its head serves as a target practice area for any weapon they can find as well as giving it a personality with a can of spray paint.
"This here robot has got one of them that new fangled flat TV's and a tuner to see over 150 channels. Beer Viper has installed a sweet dual keg and carbonation system with a fancy bar style tap. Now if we could only get it to cook and clean." ---Bubba Joe

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