Whole figure: Croc Master v2
40oz beers on head: Grenades provided by Rougetiger
Bandolier 'o Beer and shotgun: BBI

Watch for Bride of Beer Viper and Beer Viper's creation the Beer Bat! Coming Soon!

The Beer Viper, as he is known, is assumed to be a Secto Viper that deserted and became fast friends with Bubba Joe. His Bugg, nicknamed "Tornado Bait" was found to be turned into a moble home / brewary that is heavily defended and runs 24/7, producing "Cobra Ale" which is a low grade, highly intoxicating beer. His 40oz. helmet provides him with a constant supply of his own product as well as his "Bandolier 'O Beer"
He is able to throw a can of beer to a comrade in need with the accuracy of Cobra's best snipers as well as crush empties on his forehead like no other!
He is a menice to Cobra High Command as an increaingly large percentage of troop report for duty hung over or intoxicated.

"Everytime I send in a sweeper team after him, they just come back drunk!"---Cobra Commander

"Cobra Ale's got bite, baby! Yeah! Hahahaha!"---Beer Viper

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