Whole Figure: Baroness v4
Skirt: Agent Jinx v2
Shades: Blackout
Breast Enhancement: Dr. Dremel

Bambi Jean, or the Beer Viperette, has been kicked off of every pro cheerleading team and banned from every modeling agency she has ever worked for, mostly for fighting and being intoxicated.

Down on her luck and in need of a job, she responded to an Internet ad for a calendar girl for Cobra Ale, where she met the love of her life, Beer Viper.

Bambi Jean has an incredible reputation for drinking most Cobra officers under the table, where she is usually heard to mutter: "What squad are you with? The Pansy Vipers?"

She is constantly getting in brawls with fellow redneck, Lucinda Mae, claming that Lucinda is out to steal her man.

"She can pound a six pack of Cobra Ale and a six pack of Cobra Viper troops in the blink of an eye! Whatta woman!"---Beer Viper

"Of course I'm a natural blonde. Why? Ohmygod! Are my roots showing?"---Bambi Jean

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