Head: Rollbar w/ sculpted hair
Torso: Rollbar lengthened a bit and re-sculpted waist
Arms: Bazooka (with Rollbar shoulder joints)
Crotch: Gung-Ho (pouches on belt sanded down for added BBI belt to fit)
Upper legs: Recondo
Lower Legs: Cross Hair
Beret (painted Green Beret patch), belt & holster, shotgun and strap: BBI
Tac Vest: Wave 7 Snake Eyes

Here's my Lt. Falcon I made for a fellow member Xhairs... the final custom of the 4 he had me make...

I wanted to make him as close to the original Falcon as possible, and with that, he had to have a shotgun with a custom shotgun holster made from a BBI backpack strap. I also gave him a removable belt with a BBI holster and gun. Lastly he has a Tac Vest that is removable.

I do plan on making another figure next year based on this one, with a little more realism to the camo and maybe I'll add the scarf. And that one is going to be for me!

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