Head: JvC Blowtorch (modified)
Torso: VvV Gung-Ho (modified)
Arms: VvV Dusty (w/ Chap Mei knife)
Waist: JvC Recondo
Upper legs: JvC Recondo
Lower legs: JvC Overkill
Armor: Heavy Duty Spy Troops gear (modified)
Helmet: JvC Blowtorch (modified)

New commanding officer of the GI Joe team, at least according to Devil's Due. Left just when he was becoming interesting. Is he a Serpentor clone? Who knows? He did cut off Major Bludd's hand, though.

I did this custom on commission. I made sure that he was almost 100% poseable. I'm more or less happy with how he came out. The hardest part was modifying the Nullifier Spy Troops armor to resemble his first comic appearance (which is what I based this one on).

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