Head & torso: Depth Charge (Jinx Bandana, sculpted hair)
Upper arms: Leatherneck
Lower left arm & knife/Sheath(sanded down): Dart
Lower right arm, upper legs & both Hands: Duke
Crotch: Shipwreck
Lower legs: Sgt. Hacker

Well, with all the hoopla going on when Sigma 6 was announced and the pictures were released, everyone on all the message boards seemed like they were at each others throats, so, I decided to make a custom to help everyone out and get back to being friends!!!!

I really had a fun time making this custom; it was my first major attempt at sculpting something big like Hair. I used some plumbers epoxy, which at the time I thought was awesome to work with (besides the smell), but now, after I found Green stuff, I'll never go back to that nasty stuff. I wanted to catch the Sigma 6 look exactly how he looked, but only in 3 3/4th scale, and I think he came out real well.

The tattoo was the hardest part, I had to paint the flesh, then the tattoo, and then repaint some parts of the flesh to make sure the lines were straight... and of course, it never looked right, so I had to start over... I was finally happy with the outcome.

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