Head: Depth Charge (modified)
Torso: Depth Charge (modified)
Waist: Depth Charge (modified)
Arms: JvC Snake Eyes
Upper legs: VvV Cobra Slice
Lower legs: JvC Overkill
Bo staff: VvV Storm Shadow

Slice is my favorite character, so it's only natural that I have a fondness for Dice as well. However, this is my first and only custom of Captain Purple.

Let me make no bones about it: I HATED Master & Apprentice 2, but I did like the new character designs for Slice and Dice (especially Dice). I think I did a fairly good job of recapturing his new look. The second pic also has a picture of my Master & Apprentice 2 Slice figure, which I'll get around to submitting on its own eventually.

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