Head: Comic Pack Flint
Torso & arms: Spy Troops Destro(both modded)
Hands & lower legs: Spy Troops Duke
Crotch: Hacker
Upper legs:Dart w/ Lady Jaye's holster
Vest: DTC Barrel Roll

Flint is the Team Leader of my Night Ops Team: Bravo. This custom actually only took me about a day total to do, and most of that was waiting for the green stuff to dry.

A couple things I did to him...

I dremeled off the chain and emblem on the torso, I patched up the elbow/forearm peg holes and the ankle peg holes(I really like the peg less arms from the new DTC line, so I tried to do it myself) and made the knees match up better with the upper legs all with green stuff. I tried to give him a simple Hasbro like camo pattern, to go along with some of the other Night Ops team members. I added swivel wrists and one of Lady Jaye's holsters was put in place of the knife sheath and drilled a hole in it to accommodate the silenced pistol.

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