Entire figure: Airborne '83
Helmet: Airborne '83
Backpack: Duke '83
Colt M-635: Recondo '03

Airborne was a figure who lay in my fodder box missing one part of himself or another--often because I'd trade away something he had for something I needed. Finally, after almost two years, I actually had him complete, and decided that he'd stay that way and become part of my collection.

Initially I planned to just touch up the worn paint areas on him and give him some accessories to replace the original ones I didn't have, but I'm never content to leave well enough alone, and gave him a total makeover. One such step included giving him a darker, more realistic fleshtone (same as I used on my Spirit custom) which, I think, really improved the figure overall.

The repainted '83 Duke backpack replaced his original, and I was able to snag his helmet online; the Colt I already had, and I made a suitable replacement for the original rifle he carried. He now graces my display shelf alongside my other "redux" Joes, and I'm rather happy to have him there. :-)

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