Head: Cannonball
Torso, arms, pelvis and legs: Couple different versions of Snake Eyes (Sorry, I stopped counting)
Re-breather, pouches & backpack: BBI
Haligan, pry bar, sledge hammer and bolt cutters: PTE Firefighter, with props to my man in the land down under: Mr. Arashikage for the tools.
M-16/Shotgun combo: Single Pack Alpine

Deadbolt was a member of Typhoon's boat crew when GI Joe recruited his whole team.

Deadbolt was working as a search and rescue member of a large fire department when one of his buddies said: "I think you would do well in the Navy." The rest is history.

Not only does Deadbolt have the tools he is used to make entry, but a whole array of new ones as well. Everything from solid slugs in his shotgun to breaching charges, Lock picks, slim jims and hand held computers to defeat electronically locked doors.

"It's not a question of if we can get in. It's if we want to do it quietly or with a bang!"--Typhoon

"Hi, mom! I'm home!"--Deadbolts favorite saying when kicking in Cobra's door.

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