Whole Body: VvV Baroness(modded parts here and there of course)
Skirt: VvV Jinx(modded)
Belt: VvV Baroness (Modded)

I did this custom for a contest for Christmas, she took a good 20 hours to do, the torso was dremeled and sanded to get rid of the Baroness body armor and make it look like she was almost naked. I then sculpted on the white frilly stuff and filled in the cleavage under it to make it look more realistic.

The belt was dremeled and sanded to get rid of everything but the holster, then I simply put it on backwards to give it the "Santa looking belt". The skirt was a tough one, it was originally from the VvV Jinx figure, and I dremeled everything off it and sanded it to it was super smooth. I then sculpted the white frilly stuff on the bottom.

The legs were what a good portion of the time making her went into... I first had to dremel down the upper legs to get rid of 2 of the ridges and make it smooth enough to look like her bare skin. Then I had to dremel and sand the bottom legs to get rid of the kneepads and the ridges on the shins to make them look like one continuous boot.
The arms I sanded down the shoulders cause she had that problem most Female Joes prior to DTC had, she had big round shoulders. So I took a dremel to them till they looked a little more realistic. Then I painted the upper arms to look like flesh and the bottom to look like long gloves.

The head was simply a repaint with a custom Destro necklace painted on and a frilly "Santa hat" sculpted on with green stuff.

Merry Christmas Destro!!!

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