Head: Duke modified
Torso: Hollow Point
Arms: Flint
Waist: Blackout
Legs: Dusty

The infamous 14th Joe. The appeal of this custom was the fact that the character is such a blank slate that I could go anywhere with him, thus the filecard was as important a part of this custom as the figure. With a name like Shooter I always imagined him as the Joes marksman instructor, so I wanted the look of the character to have a surly, firing range look. The part combination is excatly what I had in mind, and the the Duke face with a handsome 'stache is how I envisioned Shooter looking. The only thing I was not sure about initially was all the beige and browns in his color scheme, and I considered going back and painting him in green and camo instead, but decided to keep him as is thanks to a couple of reinforcing comments I received after posting it for critique.

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