Head: VvV Dusty
Torso: VvV Firefly
Upper Arms: Dart
Lower Arms/Crotch/ Knees & Shins: JvC Grunt
Feet: Singlepack Duke

Weapons/Accessories Mods:
Shield: Added pouches and grenades... sculpted a holder for the shotgun and added a peg for the removable binoculars.

Backpack: Sanded off canteen and grenades...added clip pouches, knife and sheath and added a peg for the removable canteen.

SMG: I Dremeled off the clip and into the gun, and I cut off some extra clips from some other guns and used them for the removable clips. I also cut off some pegs from a Chap Mei rifle and glued them on, and I added the strap from the same rifle.

Handguns and holsters: I Dremeled out the holsters to fit the bigger guns and I Dremeled out the barrel of the two handguns to make them more realistic looking.

I added a drybrushing of aluminum paint over gloss black on his weapons, helmet, body armor, kneepads and shield to give it the metal look...I wanted to go for a more realistic look than the chrome on the original figure.

Figure Mods:
Upper arms: I sanded down the bicep straps

Left hand: I cut off the hand drilled a hole in the hand and in the wrist and added a peg for a swivel wrist to hold the shield better.

Two right upper legs from Roadblock: The one is backwards, so I had to sculpt a new front of the pants above the kneepad. I aslo had to add a small piece to the strap on the thigh to match the other leg. Lastly I had to modify the back of the leg above the knee for it to bend right.

Lower legs/feet: I cut off the Grunt feet and added the Duke feet for added poseability.

I made a custom lighter blend of paint for each color used to drybrush over the entire figure to make him more realistic looking, making the folds and detail in the cloth/straps/holster/skin stand out more.

Paint Used:
Model Master Acryl: Gloss Black and Aluminum
Citadel Paints: Snot Green, Bestial Brown, Dwarf Flesh, Codex Grey and some custom lighter tones of each color used.
Krylon Clear coat: for the joints.

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