Head & Upper Legs: Dart
Torso & Upper Arms: Crosshair
Lower Arms: Barrel Roll
Elbow Pads: Snake Eyes
Crotch: Sgt. Hacker
Lower Legs: Duke

I made this figure for a contest, but never had the chance to complete him. I just wanted to make an updated Hit & Run.
There weren't that many mods to the production pieces... I cut and glued some Snake Eyes elbowpads on the elbows and I added a turtle neck with some epoxy putty.
I also cut off and sanded down the pony tail, other than that, it's a pretty simple customs.

Seeing that I didn't have much in the mods department, I wanted to give him a stellar, realistic camo pattern, so after doing some online searching, I found a good pattern I liked, and went with it.
Since then, I've been using this figure as a base, when I'm painting a woodland camo pattern.

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