Head, Lower Arms, Lower Legs, armor and weapons - AVP Hot Toys Snap Kits "Stealth" Predator Figure (Clear)
Chest, Back, Upper Arms - G.I. Joe Street Fighter Blanka
Waist and Upper Legs - Venomous Maximus

Last year I purchased the Hot Toys AVP figures, so I can place them alongside my G.I. Joe figures, especially since I am a fan of Predator. But when the figures arrived, even if they are "articulated", some pieces can come off easily. So I had them for display only. But one day, I figured that I can make a Joe figure for Predator, and slowly I managed to turn this figure into what you see now.

There is a small magnet inside his head, and a small piece of metal on his "faceplate", so I can place it without problems.

I cut out some "armor" pieces from the original figure, placed them on the new figure, and filled it in with Sculpey and putty.

All regular articulation can be moved. All weapons and accessories can be removed, and placed back with no problems.

I painted his "faceplate" different from the movie, since I wanted to make another Predator character.

It took me almost a year to make him, and thanks to the techniques I had to develop to make him, I used my learning to make other figures I wanted to make (like Invisible Woman and Black Cat).

My best work 'til now!!!

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