Head: VvV Jinx w/Sculpey "bun"
Toros, legs: VvV Jinx
Waist, arms: ST Zarana
Sheath: Snake-Eyes V10
Swords: Storm Shadow

Sent undercover to find a link between the Japanese Yakuza and their support of Cobra activities in the Far East, Jinx stumbles upon a secret Yakuza camp in northern Japan where some of the best martial artists and swordsmen the world over are being recruited as bodyguards and enforcers for the organization. Calling herself Misako, she poses as a dual-wielding Pit Fighter and steadily works her way through opponents, seeking to get closer to those in charge and complete her mission. Her success may be compromised, however, when two familiar faces: those of UN agent WyldeChild and the mercenary Storm Shadow, show up at the camp...

Design notes:

This one came about as a quick idea while trying to put together some parts for my Polecat custom. She's basically an LBC with the only real painting being down on her calves, swords and the hair. The "bun" on her head I'm particularly proud of; it's a ball of Sculpey Flex molded to look like hair attached to a molded (and shaped) disk of Sculpey Flex in turn glued to the back of her head. I figured in going for a Pit Fighter look she'd be more prone to keep her hair up in a bun to make it harder for opponents to grab hold of it in a fight. I also opted to give her the beefed-up Zarana arms; plausible enough since it's hard to see how big her muscles are under her normal uniform (and because she'd need that muscle to dual-wield two swords.)

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