Head(s): Beach Head (GvC v. 4)/ Major Barrage, modified
Torso: Duke (VvV v. 20)
Upper arms: Shipwreck (GvC v. 5)
Lower Arms: Cross Hair (Spy Troops v. 1), modified w/ PTE hands
Crotch and legs: Tunnel Rat (Spy Troops v. 2), modified

Sheath: Gung Ho (GvC v. 8)
Holster: Cobra C.L.A.W.S. (GvC V. 1)

Once I finished my un-maskable Snake Eyes with "pop n' swap" head design, I knew a Beach Head custom wouldn't be far behind. And, since I have no use for Major Barrage as a character, his head made for a great unmasked Beach Head -with a few minor tweaks (based on JFAK's facial-haired take on the unmasked character).

The working sheath and holster were must-haves, as well.

The modified wrists swivel.

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