Head, torso & waist: DTC Monkeywrench
Legs: DTC Footloose
Arms: Spy Troops Grunt
Vest: DTC Han
Spike launcher: Several BBI grenade launchers and a JvC Scarlett crossbow
Leg brace: Spy Troops armor

"I had a family once, wife, and two daughters. Then a drifter came calling one evening, a vampire. He toyed with them first. Tried me make me decide which order they would die in. We kill as many of them as we can find."---Abraham Whistler

Well, I am a huge Blade fan and made a Blade custom but needed something to go with him. I was looking over my stuff and thought that the new Monkeywrench head with a new paint job would look just like Kris Kristofferson from the first movie. The coat that came with the DTC #16 Comic Pack just made it for me. The leg brace is just a couple of pieces of Spy Troops gear dremeled down.

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