Head: Cannonball
Torso, waist and legs: Destro v.10
Arms: DTC Hannibal
Sword: Wave 7 Snake Eyes
Silver spikes: Serpentor style knives
Sunglasses: Cross Hair
Coat: DTC Monkeywrench

"All of their strengths, none of their weaknesses, except the thirst."

His mother was attacked while she was pregnant with Blade, causing certain genetic changes. He is able to withstand garlic, silver and most of all, sunlight. With is partner, Abraham Whistler, they seek out and kill as many vampires as they can find.

"We have a good arrangement, he makes the weapons, I use them."---Blade

I am a huge fan of Blade. This figure started out as a new Punisher custom, when I thought, man that coat looks like what Blade wears. I started digging through parts and came up with this figure. This is the first time I have tried to make a figure that looks like a real person.

This is one of my favorite customs.

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