Head: Spytroops Wild Bill (modified)
Torso: Red Spot
Upper Arms: Red Spot
Lower Arms: Alpine
Waist and Skirt: VvV Kamakura (modified)
Legs: Red Spot

I copied the idea for this figure from another member here and expanded on it a bit. The skirt is an attempt to make the torso appear longer. It has the same texture to it that the torso does so it blends okay. I trimmed the length of the skirt which keeps it from getting in the way of the articulation. The gloves were painted blue to represent the rubber gloves EMTs wear when responding to calls. The hair is Sculpey that I sculpted to shape and then roughed up with a wire brush after it hardened.

------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------

Doc can be found on the battlefield rushing from victim to victim, wrapping wounds and stabilizing them for emergency evacuations. He has no problems with firing at the enemy as needed. He doesn't wear his red cross for protection and knows that it can make him a target to some. On more than one occasion he has been known to pick up his patient's weapon and fire on the enemy to buy more time for the evacuation. As a soldier with an unfortunate injury during heavy fire, there is no better sight than seeing Doc running to your aid.

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