Head: JvC Zartan
everything else is Ninja Battles Black Dragon

Cape: Dr. Mindbender
Gun: VvV Dusty
Sword: Tigerclaw

I decided to revisit my Destro custom that is already posted here. It is now in parts in the fodder bin waiting to be reworked.

When I got the Ninja Battles I decided that the colors on Black Dragon would work really well for Destro (as did many others on the site) and with a gold mask, it would look better than what I had already done. I saw a couple of customs using the Zartan head for Destro and really liked the look and knew I had to use it for this one. I went out and got the Dr. Mindbender with red cape because Destro HAS to have a red cape. Now I just need to find a good way to hang the sword from his belt.

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