head/ body Power Team
vest and packs 21st Century
gun and back pack Bbi
clothes Power Team

I worried about this figure for a month before I decided to make him. I really wanted a huge figure to use for Heavy Duty but could not find one. I thought about trying to sculpt some muscle on but it would have taken away from the articulation. I did add 1/4" to the upper and lower legs of the figure making him 12 1/2" tall which is about 6' 4" in 1/6th scale.The difference is evident when standing next to the other figures. I had to glue the Bbi Gatling gun together because it kept falling apart and used the frame from a radio backpack for the ammo case backpack. One of the hardest things on this figure was the "'do" rag, it must have taken me 10 times to get it to look decent.

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