Head: Claws Commander (modified for ball joint)
Torso: Venomous Maximus
Upper arms: JvC Destro
Lower arms: Chap Mei ninja
Waist: Venomous Maximus
Legs: Venomous Maximus
Helmet: Hannibal

One of the few things I thought DD did right in their initial run was the inclusion of Overlord. I also liked that they made him Serpentor's general. I based this custom on their design, using the Venomous Maximus parts to make him larger than the average figure (if you'll remember, he's absolutely huge in his initial comic appearances).

In my Joe-verse, Overlord is the former commander of Cobra Commander's Crimson Shadow Guard (which I use as the Commander's version of the Secret Service). Disgusted by the Commander's cowardice and willingness to sacrifice the lives of his men for his own safety, Overlord and a number of the Shadow Guard defect to the Coil, believing Serpentor a more competent leader. Serpentor, impressed with Overlord's abilities, appoints him as the Coil's top general.

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