Head-Mercer v1
Arms-Viper v1
Waist-Mercer v1

Tiny was in the GIJOE episode "Grey Hairs and Growing Pains". I just wanted him to use as a personal bodyguard for Dr.Mindbender. He obviously is just a Mercer repaint with Viper arms.
I just added some background and character to him.

Tiny is Dr.Mindbender's personal bodyguard. Whether he is protecting the good Doctor from his own experiments gone awry or just providing some much needed muscle, Tiny is the man for the job.

Tiny joined the Cobra Vipers in its formative years to get out of the communist Soviet Union. He immediately earned notice for his pure size and feats of strength. Most people take one look at Tiny and think he is a big dumb oaf. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Tiny is also a Doctor of Biology himself.

Tiny may be a Doctor, but he is as mean and nasty as he looks. He has a penchant for pain and doesn't hesitate to pull the trigger or bloody the hammer. "Whatever it takes." Is his motto and Cobra wouldn't have it any other way.

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