I started this project with the intent to use left over parts that were lying around.

Some pieces are obvious, in regards with who the came from, but others? Who knows? I just put stuff together until I thought it looked cool.

If you really want to know what I used, email me and I will figure it out for you.

Flea is the officer.
Lockjaw is the attack dog
Boomer is the explosives scent dog.

Well, after a few of these guys it got kind of hard for me to write bios for them. How many times, in how many different ways can I say this guy was at the top of whatever major metro SWAT team when he was recruited by the Old Man to become part of the GI Joe SWAT team, designed to take on Cobra in an urban arena?

So instead I'll talk a bit about the figure instead:

In my opinion, this guy turned out just OK. I used a lot of the same parts I used on other SWAT guys, but this guy just never did look too cool. I don't know what happened, whether or not it was the lack of fine detail or the paint job.

He, like his teammates has a removable vest and helmet. He has a couple of spots on his vest to hold a gun and a nightstick.

I do hope to remake him a bit when I get a better idea.

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