Head: Ertl Star Trek III Kirk and Sculpey
Torso: Bazooka v.1 sanded
Arms: Comic pack Cobra Soldier
Waist: Dodger sanded
Thighs: CORPS!
Feet: Comic pack Cobra officer

Phaser: CLAWS Commander modified w/top of wrist communicator
Phaser rifle: MARS Heroes rifle with screws, Millenium Falcon radar, and junk bits

Captain Kirk had already earned himself a reputation for being brash and cunning even before graduating from Starfleet Academy. The Enterprise crew learned to trust their Captain's instinct even when his orders go against Starfleet regulations or common ship protocol. Each member of his crew is devoted and would gladly give 120% of themselves because they know he'll take them into hell and bring them out the other side. Of all the loves of his life, and there have been many, the only one that seems to keep a hold of him are the Enterprise and the wide expanse of unexplored space.

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