Head: Chap Mei medic (modified)
Torso: Lanard Jungle Fighter
Legs: Lanard Jungle Fighter
Arms: Lanard Jungle Fighter
Skirt: Polly Pocket
AK-47: Repainted accessory pack

Corporal Olga
File Name: Zanatov, Olga
Primary Military Specialty: Prison Camp Guard
Secondary Military Specialty: Interrogation
Place of Birth: Zilpov, Borovia

A graduate of the Borovian Military Academy she is also schooled in police tactics, intelligence, and interrogation. A formidable foe who believes in leading with fear but is not above using her feminine charms to accomplish her goals.

Corporal Olga is my second figure in a slow process of creating the Borovian Security Police characters from G.I. Joe.

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