All Parts: Spirit v1
Hair: Thread
Cape: Material (thanks Mom:)
Bow: Robin Hood
Quiver: Material
Arrows: Toothpicks

Filename: Achak, John (Used only for documentation, real name "Achak")
Primary Business: Casino Owner
Secondary Hobbies: Hunting
Birthplace: Ontario, Canada

Achak moved to the United States to take advantage of U.S. law regarding no taxation of Indian reservations. Though most casinos are owned by people with very little actual Native American blood, the "Algonquin," owned by Achak is one of the few casinos that is run by and for the benefit of Native Americans. All of Achak's employees are Native Americans, and he even went so far as to hire out Megedagik, another Algonquin, as his personal bodyguard.

Though he is relatively wealthy he spends little time handling the business aspects and really acts as the placeholder for the "Algonquin's" profits.

Usually Achak can be found in the wild, dressing, acting, and carrying nothing that would make him seem a modern member of society. Were it not for the Weapons of Megedagik, no one would know that Achak is hunting on land he bought with his own money.

He can usually be found in an old rundown Indian cabin he restored located somewhere in Michigan.

Achak means "Spirit" in Algonquin.

"My people have been ravaged by history and not the white man as many seem to believe. Though there is no love lost between us, there is much we can learn from each other. That people who refuse to adapt to the world, blaming their troubles on their fellow man, is ripe for extinction. At the same time that people who are losing all aspects of while trying to conform, will lose the very spirit that makes them unique."

Achak is one of my oldest customs. In fact probably the oldest that i have more or less left "alive," and not dismembered. I got a 25 cent Spirit fig without an O-ring and missing the hair piece at a garage sale. I gave him the Mohawk hair way before i did this bio which curiously enough led me to research that the Mohawk and Algonquin Indians didn't like each other.

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