Head: Scarlett (Comic Pack)
Torso and feet: Scarlet VvV Single Pack
Arms, waist and thighs: Baroness VvV Single Pack
Belt/Holster: Baroness VvV Single Pack

Mistress Armada
File Name: Osborne, Lillian
Primary Military Specialty: Intelligence/Explosives
Secondary Military Specialty: Tactics
Place of Birth: Henley-On-Thames, United Kingdom

There seems to be no stopping Armada from her goals once she has her mind set on them. Her methods are unorthodox, her goals always self-serving, and her loyalties are as fluid as water. Friend and foe alike have reason to never turn their backs on the 'mistress'. She is one of the most dangerous women on the planet. She is a graduate of the Royal Military Academy at Sand Hurst, as well as having completed Flight School. Mistress Armada is also qualified expert in all NATO and former Warsaw Pact small arms.

I really liked the cover to issue #29, and so I decided I needed to make an Iron Grenadier version of this character. I wish I took better pictures because the colors on her came out excellent, I only slightly modified the torso, and the ball joint on the neck, the rest was simple repainting.

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