Whole body: DTC Grand Slam
All pouches, packs, helmet, sniper rifle, laptop, pistol: BBI
O2 mask: Lifeline v.1
G-36 assault rifle: Marauder

Prior to joining the G.I. Joe S.E.A.L. team, Diamondback was last man standing of his unit while on a mission in Eastern Europe. He takes his codename from the Cobra Merc who ambushed his team, Diamondback.

His first mission after joining the Joe team was to bring in or bring down the man responsible for his teams demise. The details of this mission are highly classified, however upon his return, he was overheard saying "There's only one Diamondback now."

"Oh, he's an nice enough guy if you leave him alone. But you start messin' with him and he's gonna strike!"---Shipwreck

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