Head: Qui Gon (thanks spec:)
Rest: Black Dragon figure
Helmet: BBI
Holster: BBI
Handgun: Marauder wave 2
M16: BBI Kids series figs

Name: Macgregor, Rob Roy
Primary Military Specialty: Security Service
Secondary Military Specialty: Infantry commander
Birthplace: Stirling, Scotland

Part of the Macgregor clan of Scotland, Rob Roy shares his lineage with the legendary hero of the same name. The Macgregor clan came to work for Destro as a personal guard within the boundaries of Scotland in the early 1800's.

Although Rob Roy has been loyal to Destro throughout the years of his service since his father's death, that loyalty has been tested by politics. Rob Roy does not see eye to eye with Destro's support of Cobra, and does not find the noble villain role as very suitable. It is of course ironic that he pretends to be one himself, but much like Destro he bears his own justification.

"I am not proud of my job, or service, but without it I would not be proud of my inability to provide for my people. I despise the notion that I justify my villainy but I have no choice in the matter."

I got 2 things from Spectre that made this custom possible.

1. 10 ninja battles packs for real cheap, each of which had a Black Dragon figure.

2. A Star Wars Qui Gon Jin head.

I had 11 Black Dragon figs so I cut the head off one and glued the Liam Neeson head to the ball joint. Since he played Rob Roy in the film the idea realized itself.

This is an LBC but kinda of a cool one so I posted it.

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