Head: Sure Fire 01
Torso: Duke 92
Arms: Ozone 93
Waist: Lightfoot 89
Thighs: Dr. Mindbender 86
Feet: General Tomahawk 00
Backpack: Big Bear 91
M-4 rifle: Power Team Elite Ranger

The G.I. Joe team's Para-jumping Navaho warrior.

This is another custom that was a long time coming. Airborne is one of my all-time favorite characters in G.I. Joe and it's a shame that such a great character wasn't utilized as much as he should've been and that he suffered from having a lousy figure.

In the early Marvel comics run, along with Wild Bill, he made up one of the great "dynamic duos" in G.I. Joe. With Wild Bill at the stick and Airborne on the guns, together they are an unbeatable force inside the Dragonfly XH-1 assault chopper.

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