Head, chest, waist, legs: Storm Shadow v1
Arms: Muskrat
Bow: Gnawgahyde
Arrows and pouch : Zartan
Sword: Snake Eyes

Red Satan is a ninja and covert operations specialist in a South American terrorist group lead by Cobra Mortal. He is ruthless and has killed many innocent people.

He once killed the entire family of an enemy to ensure no children would grow up to seek revenge on him one day. His sadistic nature really showed during this incident as he made the mother of the children decide the order that they would die in. He told her that only one of her five children would live but that if she didn't decide the order they all would die. Once she had made the decisions, Red Satan killed each child in front of her and in the order she decided. Then he killed the final child anyway. Then he did not kill her. He just cut her spinal cord leaving her paralyzed from the neck down to live with what she had done.

Now, based in Argentina the new terrorist group has brought forces from all around the world to defeat G.I. Joe and to crush Cobra. This group has joined forces with what is left of the Red Shadows, the Coil and an army put together by Major Blood.

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