Head: Sculpey with passion
Torso: Grunt 97 and Sculpey
Arms: Short Fuse 97
Pants: Bo Duke or Luke Duke, not sure

Whenever G.I. Joes or the CSIS (Canadian Security and Intelligence Service) need to infiltrate or gather information on a certain target, one best option is to activate a sleeper agent for the mission. While "asleep", Agent_Loop carries on his duties as an average civilian.

Living deep undercover as a civilian, he has no contacts with the superior-likes of General Hawk or "Duke". Instead, Agent_Loop can only be summoned by planted messages or brief secretive meetings with a fellow agent. When a mission arises, Agent_Loop plays the role of scout, collecting as much data from his target to be passed onto his respective client. He has enough basic training to take the action and then walk away undiscovered from a completed mission, so he can continue his civilian life until another mission surfaces.

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