Head: MK SHang
Arms: Headman
Torso: Collectors series Major Bludd
Legs: Flint/Rock 'N Roll (HQ version)

Jade Dragon Guard background: As Cobra and its allies gain more control over the world, China sees a massive threat, not only to itself but to the entire Southeast Asian continent. Their answer is their own version of the G.I. Joe Team, The Jade Dragon Guard (or Guang Qiu Jing) and China realizes that it cannot stand alone against the threat of Destro, Cobra, and all of its allies. China enlists the aid of other Southeast Asian countries in order to secure its position (this is more pronounced when Cobra succeeds in capturing North Korea). Old rivalries are put away (In the Political form at least) and the specialized team is formed. Its members however have much difficulty forgetting the past, and many times it seems the team will fall apart from its own infighting.

Da Jiang has the unenviable task of leading this crew of mismatched men and women into battle. His background is a long-standing career in the Chinese military. He came out of retirement just for this assignment. Rumors persist he had found a monastery in the mountains where he had enjoyed his retirement (despite Chinese laws) and had been living a life of peace. Regardless, he thought Cobra was a significant enough threat to end his retirement and to pull together the many different personalities that make up this team.

Da Jiang is no-nonsense, honest and honorable leader and soldier. He dislikes the G.I. Joe team as much as the Oktober Guard (but will accept the aid of both should the need arise). His main goal is the eradication of Cobra, regardless of the costs. This obsession is somewhat his weakness, but it is the one point he and his American and Russian counterparts (General Hawk and Col. Breckhov) can readily agree upon.

One thing I like about this custom is the "vest" look of him, I was originally going to make him all one color on top, but when I painted the arms I was very happy with what I saw. Thus I kept it that way.

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