Head: Shockwave V1
Torso: Sneek Peek
Arms: Fast Draw
Legs: Star Brigade Duke

Jade Dragon Guard background: As Cobra and its allies gain more control over the world, China sees a massive threat, not only to itself but to the entire Southeast Asian continent. Their answer is their own version of the G.I. Joe Team, The Jade Dragon Guard (or Guang Qiu Jing) and China realizes that it cannot stand alone against the threat of Destro, Cobra, and all of its allies. China enlists the aid of other Southeast Asian countries in order to secure its position (this is more pronounced when Cobra succeeds in capturing North Korea). Old Rivalries are put away (In the Political form at least) and the specialized team is formed. Its members however have much difficulty forgetting the past, and many times it seems the team will fall apart from its own infighting.

Bakuyaku grew up in Osaka, Japan. His life was uneventful for a great many years. He had a fascination with fireworks from a very young age and eventually used that talent in the Japanese military as an explosives expert.

Since then, Bakuyaku has used his fascination with explosives to disarm many bombs left by terrorists (Both from and away from his native soil). He is rumored to be the foremost explosives and demolitions expert in the entire continent of Asia, and perhaps the world. However this ability does have its downside.

This figure went through several renditions before I settled on this one. I wanted to show him with plenty of padding just like many bomb experts would have, but still seem to be flexible enough to be combat ready. At one time he was a Star Brigade Duke with a Shockwave head, obviously that has been redone. The head was the easy part since I wanted an urban warfare/S.W.A.T. look to him, who else would there be for that besides Shockwave?

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