Head and torso: Crystal Balll
Arms waist, thighs and feet: Voltar
Gun, backpack and bird: Voltar

Voltball was created for the 2005 Joe Con. Trying to play off the theme, and still work Crystal Ball into one of the contests I entered the Group of "Iron Ballidiers" in the Franken-Joe contest, but I guess nobody but me likes Crystal Ball.

Oh well, I still think these are some of my best customs. I'm especially proud of the Sculpey on Voltball's head.

The Iron Grenadiers have become one of the most important factions in the world of G.I. Joe. Acting as an independent force and supplying weapons to both Cobra and G.I. Joe the Command staff of the Iron Grenadiers is a prime target in the Crystal Army's plan for global conquest.

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