Head: Duke v3
Torso: Alpine v3 (modified to fit Duke head)
Arms: Alley Viper v10
Waist: Beach Head v7 (modified)
Thighs: Cross Country v1 (modified)
Feet: Sgt. Slaughter v1

Rifle: Painted newer verion of Baroness sniper rifle
Helmet: Grey Accessory Pack
Vest and pistol: Chap Mei fig (modified)

Black Out is one of the newer characters that I think is a really cool concept. I really don't like most of the new sculpt stuff. This custom is my attempt to try to fuse a little of the old school with a little of the new sculpt.

I liked how he is supposed to look as far as the card art goes. I do not have him, so I decided I better make my own version of him; this included choosing a better looking head, as well as softening his silver parts into a gray. I liked the Chap Mei gear/vest. However this is where I torment myself.

I was going to remove all the grenades/etc (as these would make undo noise as well as snag on stuff; both of which would be bad things for a sniper) but I liked the overall look so I only removed some of the stuff and kept the rest.

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