Head: Crystal Ball with sculpy
Torso: Metal-Head
Arms: Crystal Ball
Waist: Crystal Ball
Thighs: Metal-Head
Feet: Crystal Ball

All accessories: Metal-Head.

This is the last of my 5 Iron Ballidiers customs. Like the others Crystal Head was made to be entered in the Franken Joe contest at the 05 Joe convention. The Iron Ballidiers didn't win, but then it's obvious that some Joe collectors don't have a sense of humor.

While Metal Head isn't a crucial member of the internal workings of the Iron Grenadiers, the instability of his personality could have fouled up things for the Crystal Army if he wasn't "taken care of". Unfortunatley for Crystal Head, the instabilities of Metal-Head are a genetic flaw, and even with all the skill and tweaking of the Cloners, Crystal Head can still be a bit of a loose cannon.

He is not so unstable that he'll intetionaly fire on friendly targets, but Crystal Head has been known to let his attention wander, sending rockets at unintended targets or launching them within dangerously enclosed spaces.

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