Head: Voltar, treated to the ChrometechUSA special.
Torso: Voltar
Arms: Destro v2
Waist: Destro v2
Thighs: Destro v2
Feet: Destro v2

Sword and Cape: Destro v2
Destro's Despoiler

This Voltar is one I made after seeing Violentfix's all black custom version. I really liked how he sees Voltar, though I've tweaked bits of his personality

In his past he was known as an extremely successful mercenary commander. Voltar was well known for his talent and charisma with the troops, and his unwavering loyalty to the people filling his paycheck. This loyalty was to be his downfall as Voltar never saw the double cross comming. Figurehead politicians employing him in their dictatorship began to worry that with such influence the man could easily take their war torn country for himself. Just before his contract was up, Voltar found himself imprisoned awaiting to be brought before a firing squad.

It was at this time the Destro decided to make a bold move, using Cobra's resources to infiltrate the prison that Voltar had called home for over three years. Destro successfully extracted Voltar and demolished the entire prison, leaving no one the wiser to Voltar's fate.

Now a free man with no past to worry about and a clean slate for the future, Destro offered him the rank of General, and asked him to develop and train a new army, The Iron Grenadiers. Voltar accepted and immediately turned Destro's force of Scottish guards into a professional, elite team of soldiers. He also, in secret, called upon some of his most trusted friends in the mercenary world to join the ranks of Destro's army. Most came after little or no persuasion, the salary alone was enough to break any current contract and the ability to work with Voltar again topped the cake.

Voltar is extremely loyal to Destro, and Destro is well aware of this. After the success of Voltar's initial service with the Iron Grenadiers, Destro gave Voltar a full dress battle uniform with nearly all the same features Destro's own uniform has. The similarities are two fold, as a psychological effect Voltar's new uniform can fool all but the sharpest eye into thinking that it's Destro himself leading the Iron Grenadiers to battle or zooming around a battlefield in the Despoiler. And while not as noble as Destro normally portrays himself, Voltar can now act as a decoy when a battle isn't going well and Destro needs to make an escape.

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