Head: Comic Pack Clutch
Torso, arms: v3 Grunt (1991)
Waist: Tiger Force Lifeline
Legs: Flint

This Clutch custom was initiated after I found out how bad that Comic Pack Clutch figure was. The huge Mace torso didn't work, and neither did the Mace waist (which featured a jacket bottom shamelessly painted into a "belt"). So I set out to make my own.
My first idea was using the Grunt torso and arms. The color was already ideal, and it had a great "grease monkey" look to it.

Inspired by sgartz's awesome series of Clutch customs, I decided to use a 91 Sci-Fi head with painted stubble. However, after using a Sci-Fi head on my Long Range custom, I decided to replace it with the Comic Pack figure's head, which worked just as well.
The waist and legs were picked for two reasons: 1) I had them in my parts box and 2) the colors matched. The Lifeline crotch was broken, so I had to fix that with epoxy, and then I had to paint it to match.

The paint I mixed turned out to be too dark, but I painted over other parts of the waist, as well as over the brown camo on the legs. It made it look like his pants have a lot of grease stains that never quite washed off, IMO. I like that.

The best part about the lower body is how nicely the details flow together. Look at the picture of Clutch on the Night Rhino APC, his holster flows together nicely thanks to the presence of a strap on the waist.

Now, my Joe team finally has the ideal grease monkey to fix all the broken vehicles in the Pit!

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